Thursday, December 3, 2009

BCET Bloggers: Wassup??

all right...its been quite some time...wonder what the bcet bloggers were upto all this while....??
so what were the BCET bloggers doing all this time...lets recaptulate:
BCET Bloggers were as usual blogging away...writing their experiences, sharing their thoughts...and like i always say, making themselves heard.
Then came the most noteworthy event in the BCET Bloggers calender for '09. It was the Bloggers Workshop held on 31st October, in association with webreps
The workshop was the first of its kind in India...and needless to say, BCET is proud of the fact that it happened in its campus. The workshop was a huge success. The event saw mass participation from BCET as well as other colleges. The event was covered by the media. The workshop lead to mass awareness regarding blogging, microblogging and various other aspects of the internet world. The event was reported by several BCET Bloggers in their respective blogs.
A direct conscequence of the Workshop was that a lot of new, fresh bloggers bloomed in the BCET campus.
So now...we have a huge number of bloggers in the campus...BCET Bloggers is growing into a huge the campus Blogging is the latest "in thing"...!!
BCETians are not just blogging...they are microblogging as well. Twitter has a number of tweeps from BCET who share their thoughts and blog contents on the web via twitter. The internet mania has sure caught on with the people out here.

Blogging/Microblogging is fun...its times its enlightening (at times!!!)...its basically the best way to blabber on n on n on...without a care or worry in the world...
BCET Bloggers and tweeps...keep blogging!